Artist credited as a different alias by others?

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an odd situation, I’ve been working on Griffin Village lately, and I’ve found several bootleg releases and remixes of their songs where their more popular alias Jackle App is credited as the artist. all official releases I can find by Griffin Village are consistently credited to Griffin Village.

I see three options…

  1. correct the credit to Griffin Village, as that’s the original alias the song was released under
  2. correctly credit Griffin Village, but credit them as “Jackle App”
  3. credit them on the release to Jackle App, but credit the recordings to Griffin Village

I’m leaning towards option #2 personally…


Oh, interesting, so both are different artists (or performance entities of the same artist) and some are incorrectly being assigned the more popular name?

I would do #2 on the releases + credit the recordings as just Griffin Village.

Might need disambiguations (and aliases) to redirect people with the incorrect releases ‘in hand’, who’ve ended up at the wrong artist.


I also go with option #2

Are these bootlegs/unofficial releases? I’d go with #1 and add explanations in the annotation. I know I have seen this done before, and often follow that method when work in Pink Floyd bootlegs. (Wish I could locate the old discussions about it)

MB generally corrects the track listing errors. Corrections to artists follow in that same theme.

You can also point out “artist intent” wants their real name. :grin:

If genuine official releases certified by the band, then maybe #2. But even then I would tend to lean towards correcting them.

a few of them are bootlegs, like this recording (already put in a merge for it):

…but some are unofficial remixes, like so:

(sidenote: artist credits like “X fixes Y”, “X befriends Y”, etc. were used for the popular fandom Remix War, where X is the remixer, Y is the original artist. they became pretty common in the brony music community because of this)

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If this is me, and the way I handle Pink Floyd, then for the Bootlegs - use the real name. Fan remixes - I would also be using the real name but maybe with the “credited as” written over the top. I’d also fill the annotation with notes about the errors on the covers.

Maybe Bashchfire could “fix” JacklaApp by using the correct name on their releases? :rofl:

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