Artist credit with role names instead of actors

And finally, what about artist credit with role names instead of actors?
Maybe my question is dumb, I don’t know this example very very much, I don’t know how the releases look like.


Can do on the Recordings


That’s a separate question, but not a bad one :slight_smile: If the tracklist did credit it as “Vincent Vega” or whatever the character is, should that be “the actor, credited as the character” or “the character as an artist, linked to the actor”? When there’s no credit, like here, using the actor seems safe enough to me :slight_smile: Specifying the role in the relationship, such as the example above, also seems sensible to me.


Changing the vocal/instrument credited name means that “Jules Winnfield” and “Vincent Vega” are now instruments. If one uses the Instruments plugin or the $performer function, then this erases “spoken vocals” as an instrument, and you end up with the fake instruments “Jules Winnfield” and “Vincent Vega”.

Artist credit does not mean instrument. :thinking:
Maybe some plugin thinks so, but I don’t understand why.
And it’s a bug, isn’t it?
There are many track/recording artist credits already on many releases, it’s normal to use AC if needed, isn’t it?


IvanDobsky’s screenshot shows that the credited names are on the instruments, not the artists. So no, it’s not a bug. I’d argue it’s a misuse of instrument credited names.

Role as a credit for the voice type has been used for operas for quite a while. We could eventually consider adding a separate field for roles vs instrument names, but I wouldn’t call it a misuse, since it’s a way the vocals were credited :slight_smile:


It appears a lot on Audiobooks too.

I see the logic with “spoken vocals” being done like this. It is like putting “lead guitar” next to “guitar” to be more specific at the guitar role. The specific “Spoken Vocal” instrument being perform in my example is a “Vincent Vega”

For what it’s worth, I’ve entered a bunch of “1st violin” as “violin, credited 1st”, which I guess would also break those plugins. (This is starting to be a different conversation, but since the previous one is done we can let @Freso split this bit when he sees it :wink: )

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Not sure if it breaks anything. There are plugins that can be specifically set to ignore the alias on an instrument.

This is a different thing. You are thinking about Artist aliases. I would not change the Artist.

This is the Instruments being tweaked here. My example was the bottom of a Recording page.

Sorry for my misunderstanding, when I spoke about artist credits, I was of thinking about track and recording AC.
This is where the [dialogue] special artist question occurs.

But in fact, those spoken vocals relationships are kind of good idea as well.