Artist credit for "duet with X" credits [STYLE-899]

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So this came up (again) on STYLE-899 and it might be a good time to decide how artist credits like X (duet with Y) should look like.

My preference would be that a credit like “Alice - Song (duet with Bob)” would become “Alice with Bob - Song”, but do others think the “duet” part needs to be preserved?


I personally would lean toward preserving “duet” because not every “with” artist credit is a duet, but that creates the problem of how to preserve it.
One method I have seen (and used) is to get creative with the join phrase boxes, creating something like "Alice (duet with Bob) - “Song”.


I see no problem with using " duet with " as a join phrase.


Well, it’s kind of ungrammatical, no? “Tony Bennett (duet with Lady Gaga)” or “Tony Bennett in duet with Lady Gaga” or something like that sounds ok, but “Tony Bennett duet with Lady Gaga” seems just like broken English to me.


We can add the in if without it it’s wrong.
But duet is important.


Exactly. That’s why I mentioned adding parentheses in the join phrase fields.


What I usually do when I encounter these is the following…

Alice [with Join phrase: " (duet with "]
Bob [with Join phrase: “)”]

Shows as
Alice (duet with Bob)


I was curious how digital music services handle this, so I did a quick search on Amazon:“duet+with”. (I tried to check iTunes and Google Play too, but didn’t see a search mechanism without and account.) Here’s a summary of the top 50 track results:

  • Alice duet with Bob: 29
  • Alice with Bob - Track Title (duet with Bob): 4
  • Alice (duet with Bob): 1
  • Alice (duet featuring Bob): 1
  • (search matched something else, or “duet with Bob” was only in track title): 15