Artist changing their performance name to avoid mix up with other artists "due to the sheer amount"

Regarding the title of this topic, should a different artist entity be created or just a different alias be added to the artist?

In addition to this, when should another entity for an artist be created or not with different names instead of simply adding another alias? What’s the general rule to this as it’s still not quite clear in the style guidelines?

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I prefer to use one artist entry and then use aliases and credited as when needed.

But it depends on the situation.

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When the different name is not just another name the artist uses, but it is considered a different project. If I put out techno music as MegaRaver and Irish folk as Folky O’MacFolkface, those are two different artists. If I rap as YoMomma AKA TuMamá AKA RapMaster, but I mostly use all those interchangeably, then they’re all one artist.