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Do we have a consensus methodology for tagging international projects where they are split between multiple countries? I was under the impression that using the [Worldwide] tag was correct in this case but my Google skills are failing me at finding evidence for that belief. It seems like we lose data by selecting one country vs the other (not that [Worldwide] is much better but it at least indicates there is more detail).

An example: Edit #91916393 - MusicBrainz
The band is split between Turkish and Danish musicians as shown by both their Metal Archives and Bandcamp:

On bandcamp they selected Denmark but note their International status in their description, likely due to bandcamp also allowing only one selection for country.

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the area is not where the members live, it’s where the group is from (meaning, where it was founded). Style / Artist - MusicBrainz

discogs says they’re from denmark Hyperdontia | Discography | Discogs

I recognize the field is about where they are from. This band started out as an international collaboration between two Turkish musicians and Two Danish musicians. While I appreciate the Discogs source, Metal Archives is the more accurate source for almost any metal band and as someone who actively listens to this band and is very familiar with them, I can confirm that Metal Archives is accurate in that the musicians are split 50/50 between the countries.


just because two of the members are turkish, doesn’t make it worldwide. it was actually founded in copenhagen.

I appreciate your tenacity but unless you have a source for that claim then I am more inclined to believe they were actually founded in Instanbul as it was the two Turkish members who founded the band and recruited two Danish members to join. Sites like Discogs, Facebook, and Bandcamp may list Copenhagen but that is most likely because one of the Turkish members moved to Copenhagen.

Source for founding: Hyperdontia | Wiki | Metal Amino

Hyperdontia is an international band based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Istanbul, Turkey. It was formed in 2015 by bassist (Malik Camilca) and guitarist (Mustafa Gurcalioglu). They recruited David Mikkelsen (who also named the band) for vocals and Tuna on Drums.

That being said, this topic was opened to clarify the purpose of tagging international artists, not necessarily the Artist Area for Hyperdontia


You will ultimately have to toss a coin. Worldwide is a bit too wide, so instead trust your knowledge of the band. There is no perfect answer here where you only have one box you can tick. Where does the post now go?

It sounds like it was “Formed in” Turkey, but may now be more “Run from” Copenhagen?


Consider writing a brief note about the band’s actual international identity in the annotation field of the Artist entry. Then pick either Turkey or Copenhagen, as you judge best, for the one Area which the MusicBrainz data model allows.

From time to time, any data model will come up against a reality which its structure cannot accomodate. The MusicBrainz escape hatch for this situation is the Annotation.

Thank you for bringing your in-depth knowledge of Metal to MusicBrainz. You are making the kind of contribution which I would be completely unable to. It’s great to see each area of the garden attracting someone to cultivate it.


Why are we not allowing international groups to be set to [worldwide]? That is more informative to me than giving the impression the group is from or based in a country just because it was picked at random from the member locations. I would rather leave it blank in that case tbh, rather than give the wrong impression.

@reosarevok can you offer some style guidance here? If we are not to use [worldwide] maybe it would be good to put a little note in that style doc.

@sammyrayy is doing a massive clean up of [worldwide] entities so it would be good to get some clarity asap


In this example “worldwide” would be an exaggeration for a band that is in two countries. I don’t think anyone was suggesting to never use Worldwide. Just didn’t fit this case.

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The obvious solution would be to have the option to add a 2nd (or 3rd) area field for an artist (well obvious to me, but that may be through lack of knowledge!)
I’ve got one group to catalogue which is comprised of 3 members in NZ, Australia and USA…