Artist '2Cellos' styled differently as '2CELLOS' and '2Cellos' making them 2 entities in Android Media Library Database

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How is it possible that the artist ‘2Cellos’ can be capitalised for some works and not for others?
I use Picard to tag the albums and Artist / Album Artist / Album Artist Sort Order / Artist Sort Order have these variations.
Android Media Library Database now identifies this as 2 separate artists, not allowing all of their albums to combine under one artist.

Celloverse’ Release group by 2CELLOS;
Celloverse’ Release by 2Cellos (see all versions of this release, 12 available);
Celloverse’ Release by 2CELLOS (see all versions of this release, 12 available)

Am I missing something here? Is this valid that a release group is identified by one styled name and when clicking through to a release it has another styled name?


You can tick Use standardised artist names in Picard under Options > Metadata so artists like 2Cellos only end up once in your media library.

In this case the data should probably be consistent though, so either credit all releases as 2CELLOS or as 2Cellos.


Thank you! Your suggestion for standardised artist names worked.


Does standardised artist names get its list from the artist Alias page?
If so, does the first name on the list become the standard?

For example:


No, from the “name” set on the artist directly. What you see on the aliases pages are two other things.

  1. Aliases
    Those are additional, alternative names for the same artist. They exist for different reasons, including e.g. legal names from Persons or aliases that just handle common misspellings.

  2. Artist credits
    This is a list of how the artist is credited on different releases and relationships.


“From the name set on the artist directly.”

For clarification/education;
Would this be the Name value at ?


Yes, exactly. Usually this should be the most common name for that artist.

In your specific case I also agree with @mfmeulenbelt that the credits should be unified. It is not totally clear to me why that one release uses 2Cellos. I would say in the majority of cases a release group and all it’s releases would use the same crediting, but of course there can be valid cases where e.g. a re-relase credits an artist differently than it was originally done.

I entered an edit at


Thank you @mfmeulenbelt and @outsidecontext for your assistance.
Got a little more up to speed today


I’d suggest to change the artist name and ACs for all albums where it’s stylized this way to 2CΞLLOS.
I started with a few edits here. If they are accepted I’ll auto-edit the rest.


I’m unable to vote therefore this comment is placed here.
I would rather have ‘2CELLOS’ be the Artist Name and 2CΞLLOS be an Alias.

As someone who searches music by typing names of Artists and Releases I’d find it difficult to type out 2CΞLLOS correctly.
Your thoughts?


I believe that the search for ‘2CELLOS’ would still work as long as it was included in the list of aliases for 2CΞLLOS. My suggestion would be to have aliases of ‘2CELLOS’ and ‘2CELL0S’ to match either the ‘O’ or the zero when searching.


I’m not sure of typing the Unicode 2630 ☰ character on my Android music players rather than the English letter ‘e’.
Also I don’t think there is any variation of the name 2CELLOS where there is the number ‘0’.


I think this artist’s logo just uses a stylized version of U+0045 : LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E rather than U+039E : GREEK CAPITAL LETTER XI. This is backed up by how their name is written in plain text (for example, on their Twitter page).


Then obviously I’ve misunderstood your concern. Sorry for trying to help.


Since the sort name of 2CΞLLOS would be 2CELLOS (see de-stylize sort name guideline) that wouldn’t be a problem. You can find the band CHVRCHΞS by searching for Churches.


This is true for the Musicbrainz website.
I was thinking of Picard processed files placed on my sd card and an Android music player interface when searching for Artists.

I will try with CHVRCHΞS.