Article: Why is Bandcamp profitable and Spotify not?

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I haven’t read the whole thing, but this is a deep dive with some great stats and tables (whoo!) so far.

I’m a Bandcamp stan anyway so have to share :grin:


As I am not a user of either (beyond what I do on MB), so I don’t really know if there is more to either place than what little I use.
But, comparing the two would be like asking why a grocery store is profitable but a restaurant is not. It’s just unfair to compare the two. They do two totally different things.

They are two very different models (and ethos’) of doing the same thing (enabling artists/labels to sell music online, and allowing consumers to consume music online).

Anyway, the headline of the article isn’t very important. The body and in-depth statistics within the article are interesting no matter which kettle of fish you prefer.

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Thank you for the link.

I’m not so impressed with the article. It’s a bit big on assumptions and it seems to be written mostly from the perspective of the authors biases. At least it’s nice to know Bandcamp is doing well.

Bandcamp is in a way very “web 1.0”. No doubt a big investor will buy it in a few years and ruin it, but that’s just the way of things I guess.


I I just read the rest, and wow it does really wear its bias on its sleeve!

However it feeds nicely into my personal echo chamber so I even liked the Spotify part/hitpiece. Where we don’t even get fun graphs :scream: Though to be fair, I’m not sure Spotify is releasing detailed data to dig into?

Anyway. The BC graphs re buyer generosity and popular tags etc are my main takeaway, good to look at for anyone releasing music who wants a peek behind the curtain.

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