[AREA] I say Lecumberri you say Lekunberri - Why no alias or search hints for Areas?

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I was just editing a Basque gentleman from Lecumberri and it was driving me mad that the area wasn’t in Musicbrainz and the closest I could get was Navarra. Especially since the French “Lecumberry” was available…

Then it turns out it’s all about spelling, Lecumberry is “Lekunberri” in English :

Is there any reason why we can’t enter search hints and/or locale:primary name aliases for Area?

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Aliases can be requested by creating a new ticket in Area Requests with a link to the related MusicBrainz Area and appropriate sources.

The main reason for this process is that regular editors are not supposed to be able to review/vote Area edits as well, that is not AreaBrainz. “Areas were originally imported from Wikidata” says https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Wikidata#Areas. Ideally, we would fully rely on Wikidata for Areas, but until then we still do small adjustements on our side, thanks to @drsaunde dedication. You are encouraged to complete Wikidata as well.