Are you on the spectrum? [poll]

I am curious how many neurodivergent people are on MeB (MetaBrainz), particularly who is on the Autism spectrum.

The following poll is anonymous (but feel free to share more in the replies if you like):

  • No
  • Yes
  • Maybe

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This isn’t purely out of curiosity (though it is interesting). How we often meet (arguing over edits :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) is a great example of interacting without context! And more context is always helpful.


Myself, not on the spectrum (I don’t think), but definite OCD tendencies.

That said, not truly OCD, which I have been careful not to say, after a friend who has it set me straight. OCD really impacts your life whereas I just like things to be tidy! And find tidying and categorizing very relaxing. Which is different to something like having to flick every light switch 10 times, or not being able to stop cleaning.


I am the same way. That is, I can’t say I’m OCD, but I’m a completionist (most of the time) and like to keep things organized, at least digitally.

Always have. Even when I was very young (maybe 8?) it annoyed me that my friends would have entries in their phone/cell like “Mum”, “Dad”, just first names or even only a nickname. I get it, you won’t be confused about who those people are, but there is a first and last name field right there… that you’re not using… And since you’re at it how about filling in all the other stuff, address, email or even fill in a note.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I’m curious about some other little pet peeves that led editors to the sweet satisfaction of some good clean edits? :slight_smile:


i have autism! i was diagnosed in adulthood. i’d always wondered why i was “like this” so when i found out it was like… OH! everything makes sense! haha. i’d previously been diagnosed with OCD as a teenager, and that might be correct, but it definitely wasn’t the whole picture :wink:


Hi yes hi, I have ADHD and Asbergers :​D