Are there differential dumps?

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I know about the full exports located here:
Are there differential dumps from one dump to the other, with only the modified elements (added, updated, removed maybe)?

If not, do you suggest any particular option to only be aware of updates rather than full dumps?



Yes, the differential “dumps” are called “Replication”.
But you can’t download them as files like the full dumps from a FTP-Server (AFAIK).
You should configure your local server to get this replication packets using the replication mechanics.


OK got it, thanks. I don’t know if it will fit my need, but maybe from an updated date I could get what I want. I’ll check it out.


@Bitmap was also working on differential JSON dumps, but I’m not sure if that’s fully ready nor if it’s useful for you.


This is useful for me indeed. However if you are mentioning this dump, it seems the most recent one is from 2016-05-22…


No, that’s unrelated - this was being worked on last month.