Are there any public music databases searchable by time signature, key, and possibly other musical criteria?

Hi! Everything’s in the title, more or less.
I’m looking for a way of searching music titles by their musical characteristics.
I realize these are not always relevant since they may change within a single piece, and extracting this information is certainly a lot of work, so I don’t have much hope of finding anything. I’ve already searched multiple sites unsuccessfully. But I figured here may be a good place to ask.

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Something like Get Song BPM, Tunebat or Pulse?
There is also AcousticBrainz which collects its own data unlike the others who are based on Spotify data.


Thanks for the suggestions.
I specifically want to search by musical features.
As far as I can tell, Pulse only lets your search by artist or title.
I think Tunebat’s advanced search is what comes closest to what I’m looking for.
None of them have time signatures though.
Here’s one example of what I’d like to search for:
All metal songs in 6/8 with a tempo of 140 or higher.
I might have some success using the AcousticBrainz database but I’m not sure the public API can answer this kind of queries. I guess I’d have to download it and feed it to ElasticSearch or something.