Are release MBID and Artist MBID accounted for if supplied with metadata?

From what I understand it’s possible to supply Recording MBID if it’s included in track metadata (although, annoyingly, currently it seems like Navidrome has a bug that means it doesn’t supply the Recording MBID properly and instead supplies it as Track MBID). However you can also supply Release and Artist MBIDs. My question is, are these accounted for? Does supplying the Release MBID then tell LB which release the recording is being listened to from?

One of my annoyances at the minute is that the automatic mapper just picks a random one and that can lead to it thinking I was listening to a recording on a different release to the rest of the releases (eg: a track was released as a single and then also released on an album). If it is possible to avoid this by supplying a Release MBID I would happily add them to my metadata


A fix I submitted for this had been merged, so I guess this should work properly in the next navidrome release.

Someone else needs to answer about how LB uses the IDs. But AFAIK it currently only uses the recording ID.


Thanks, hopefully doesn’t take too long for that next release. Probably wouldn’t hurt for me to tag more of my music with recording MBIDs in the meantime

If that’s the case that’s a shame, especially because releases are tracked as a part of statistics

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I’m not even sure if it actually uses the recording ID, but they are stored with the listen entries that are submitted so if the statistics are eventually updated to take them into account they would become useful.

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Ok well either the Track ID or Release ID seem to at least be related to the cover art for the release that is displayed - had some tracks that displayed art from a different edition that are displaying for the correct edition after adding this information so it’s doing something seemingly

This bugs me as well. I think as our LB user base grows this will be a common refrain.

I don’t know how hard it would be to at some point take into account track or release MBIDs when supplied - maybe something @lucifer wants to comment on?

I’m out and about so I haven’t searched for a ticket, but if there isn’t one already, please do consider making one, it makes changes/suggestions much more likely to be picked up :pray:


So after some more testing it seems like the release ID does affect the release displayed next to the listen on the listens page but it doesn’t seem to affect the stats page. I have one album that should be my most listened to album this week but the auto-mapper only matched to recordings but not a release so it doesn’t show up in my top albums in the stats page. It has a release mbid and I have confirmed by inspecting the listen that it is being sent. On the listens page listens from that album show the correct release - yet nothing on the stats page. The individual songs show up in the top songs but not displaying the correct release/artwork


With the release of Navidrome 0.50 the recording MBID submission has been fixed.