Are "[insert artist name] Publishing Designee" real labels?

When adding work relationships I see this often as publishers:

Now, for a while I’ve been adding every single one of these as personal publishers for the mentioned artist, but now I’m wondering if those are even real publisher labels at all? Maybe they should be removed and instead have the artist as the publisher. What should I do?


(copied from the Discord)

hmm… based on the dictionary definitions I’ve found, these might be people, but I think it might be safer to add these as labels as they’re credited, especially since we probably don’t know who the designee is in most cases

either way, it sounds like these aren’t the artist, as all the definitions I found are basically “someone who is designated for something”

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I’d say creating fake MB Labels for the purpose of capturing work publishing statements is way outside the intended purpose of MB Labels.

interesting that the page you linked (and really the docs in general) doesn’t mention publishers at all, even though they are well within the design of MusicBrainz labels, with relationships and label types (not mentioned in the docs, but present on the website)

if not with labels, how do you propose we store this data? based on what little I know, it seems this isn’t the artist self-publishing these works, so linking them to the artist using the artist relationship isn’t a good option (in my opinion). I suppose we could create an artist for the designees, but that sounds very similar to creating a label for that purpose (and probably farther from the purpose of artists than a similar solution with labels)