[April Fools'] Help us test ListenBrainz' new music recommendation system!

Edit: This was the 2018 MetaBrainz April Fools’ joke, thank you to everyone who participated! And to those who didn’t, the “recommendation system” would display a fake loading icon and then always open this video in fullscreen auto-play.

Edit 2: If you haven’t already, you can still check this out until some time tomorrow.

ListenBrainz now has a recommendation system! :musical_note:

For the last couple of days @ferbncode, @iliekcomputers and @rob have been hacking away on a shiny new recommendation system for ListenBrainz using Apache Spark.

This system can analyze a user’s listens and, using the more than 100 million listens collected so far, generate personalized recommendation for a song that they will not have heard before but are pretty much guaranteed to like.

With some minor interface additions from yours truly, that recommendation system is now built into ListenBrainz.

What it looks like

How you can help

If you’ve submitted any listens to ListenBrainz, click on your username in the top right corner, then “Your Listens” and you’ll see a “Recommendations” tab with further instructions.

If you haven’t used ListenBrainz yet, feel free to check out the recommendations for rob, iliekcomputers, ferbncode and me.

Please let us know if you’ve enjoyed our recommendations and leave some feedback on the interface. :smiley:


Incredible work!! Interface is beautiful, and the recommendations were spot on.
I can’t really think of anything that could be improved sorry :kissing_heart:


Good work guys, the recommendation was right on.


Definitely appreciate the work – Although, is there any chance of just getting a short, maybe expandable list, perhaps with links?

Plus, probably due to my settings, I’m getting this…

This video contains content from SME. It is restricted… Watch on YouTube.

Anyway, Glad to see the progress.


This is incredible. No other music recommendation engine is comparable to what you all have done here. Count me as amused! :smile:


Never would have found that artist on my own!


Wow, seeing now that this was an April Fool’s Joke, I must say I’m a tad disappointed that wasn’t a legitimate recommendation.

Note they have been working on a recommendation system this weekend so hopefully soon it will be able to offer real recommendations.

Wasn’t that just part of the ruse?

Nope, that’s kind of what inspired this joke!

The real system is already pretty promising although it’s going to take a lot of fine-tuning to get really good results out of it.


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