API: How to search for a release with multiple discs and different track numbers?

How can I search for a release like “Forrest Gump” with the help of the MusicBrainz API and the search word tracksmedium? Especially, when the release contains totally 34 tracks, but divided in 18 tracks on disc 1 and 16 tracks on disc 2?

If I try it with
I don’t get any result.

What syntax do I have to use for multiple discs with different track numbers?

(The above search URL with tracksmedium:14 works fine for the a release with 14 tracks like this release)

As it’s a 16+18 release, you should search for either of these:


That really works, great finding @jesus2099 - I will try it with the two (or more) AND tracksmedium:
Thank you!

This also works fine with my release search: