API for lyrics / tracks

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Hi guys,

I want to add to my Android app API for lyrics.
Can I use this one:

Does it support a real-time sync with the track? Can I get a word by word marking?



We don’t store lyrics at all, so you’ll probably need to license them somewhere else (they can be pricey, with https://developer.musixmatch.com/ starting at $25k/year, but there might be places with cheaper plans for new users).


In addition to @reosarevok’s answer, you should also note our data license:

If you’re going to make money from the app (ie., has user payments or ads) and you end up using our data, you should really get in touch with @chrisskye to discuss licensing.


MusicBrainz does store links to lyrics pages, so I suppose you could use MBIDs to find those, and then get the lyrics from the linked page. I doubt it would be a very useful approach, though.