API Browse inc argument clarification

the includes for the release browse resource is defined as:

/ws/2/release artist-credits, labels, recordings, release-groups, media, discids, isrcs (with recordings)

My question is what if any difference between including recordings and media
They both seem to return the same “media” object…
(at least for the items ive been browsing anyway)

media just returns info in the mediums, with type information and track list count. See e.g. https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/2f8ede33-0fd6-47b0-95c6-f60f4ba2fdff?inc=media

recordings returns the complete track list with track and recording information, e.g. https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release/2f8ede33-0fd6-47b0-95c6-f60f4ba2fdff?inc=recordings

recordings implies media, since recordings are associated with a track which is part of a medium.

I finally just caught that, so ill get a track object when recordings but not with media

Not to state the perhaps obvious as ive found nothing as such but, is there any way to get a complete introspect type of spec definition… something that defines the entire document programmatically? you know kind of like Kodi has when you /jsonrpc to the server?

I know the documents often list an example, but there’s nothing like seeing a concrete definition

I sometimes find circular references such as below and wonder if i’m missing something or am using the api wrong…

Sorry, I can’t spot the issue in your screenshot. Can you explain?

No, tracks[0] is a track, while tracks[0][recording][0] is the recording the track is linked to. Notice that they have different ids. In far most cases, length and title will be the same (as here) which may lead to some confusion, but they do not have to be.

A Release has X number of Mediums/Media, a Medium has Y number of Tracks, each Track has 1 Recording. MusicBrainz Database / Schema - MusicBrainz has more details, including a diagram of how the data is structured and relates to each other.


Fresno has identified my question here.
And that page does explain much, though i was hoping for a less human/text definition.

Musicbrainz is no doubt a very deep and complex database with a complex api, and a structured definition would really help in using it

I’m not trying to be being critical here and would bet not having it is at least partially a manpower shortage, but my opinion would be such a hard typed definition would be considerably more useful than a soft typed diagram/discussion type page as is.

I know the next post will be telling me to get busy and create it :hushed:

thanks for the help

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Here you go:


This should do i imagine.