Anyone familiar with this label's history?

I’m just wondering if anyone is familiar with the history of the Vox label. Here’s why:

I have two releases of a CD (links below). The fine print on one says

℗ & © 1997 THE VOX MUSIC GROUP, a division of SPJ Music…"

and the other says

℗ & © 1997 THE VOX MUSIC GROUP, a division of Essex Entertainment…"

Did Vox change hands in 1997? Even if so, it seems odd that a release under both conditions would happen in the same year. I can’t find any info about it on the web. Wikipedia has a page about Vox, but it doesn’t mention either parent company. Discogs has an entry that indicates SPJ is the newer parent.

Just a point of curiosity, if anyone knows.

While I dunno anything, I found a loan document that suggests both SPJ and Essex were being bought by the same company in 1996. I expect the real answer here is “the whole thing was in flux and nobody knew what to print yet” :stuck_out_tongue: