Anyone else having problem getting an AcoustID key?

It just doesn’t login. I just checked their mailing list there are posts from people with the same issue dating almost two months back and no reply was given whatsoever. It’s very frustrating because there’s a bunch of songs which are not on MusicBrainz’s database and I’d like to submit fingerprints to AcoustId before adding them…

Where is the mailing list archive?
When I go there, I can see my usual key. Do you mean this page, once logged in through MusicBrainz, cannot generate new key?

Google Groups. It’s linked on the contact page

@lukz seems to prefer the AcoustID forum nowadays.

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Actually I can log in using MusicBrainz.
On Vivaldi and Firefox.
What browser and OS are you using?

Sorry for the late reply, it appears it was just a temporary problem, I was able to login afterwards (namely, weeks later, I contacted the guys there to inform they had a problem going on)

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