Any way to avoid compilation albums?

Greetings - I am new to Picard. On my first run, a decent amount of my MP3’s were auto-tagged from compilation albums (i.e., Best of 1982 Part 84), etc. Is there a way to cause Picard to not look at compilation albums but to move onto the actual artist? Thank you!

Yes, in Preferences, use the slider towards “Album”


When I at first tried to avoid compilation albums by setting ‘Albums’ to maximum and ‘Compilations’ to minimum, I was a bit disappointed that quite a few tracks would still get matched to a compilation album.
I then learned that that might be related to the duration of a song.
If the duration matches a release on a compilation album better than the duration on the original album, the compilation will be selected.

While this makes perfect sense in MusicBrainz’ universe, I must admit I still have a small desire for an option to force Picard to never match to a compilation album.