Anthologies, compilations, and collections of poems and short stories

As I was preparing to begin adding poems as “Works” to the profile of Robert Frost, I noticed that someone has him down as the “has story provided by” for Baby Shakespeare.

I think a better thing to do here is to give credit to Julie Aigner-Clark (not in BB yet) as having done work on (too bad there’s not an Editor role yet).

I think that if all the poets for a particular Work or Edition are listed, it will get very large for a page as some books might have hundreds of contributors.

Rather, I’d like to see the long list of poems on the poets page.

This same logic would probably apply to anthologies and compliations of writings of all sorts, even magazines with their many articles and writers.

Your thoughts please.

You can relate an “author” with “was edited by”

I’m not even sure what this statement means in this context.

They are shown already, of course in a mix with other works at the moment, eg.