Another case of artwork not downloaded


I believe I have found another instance of the issue described in this post: Cover Art Not Appearing in Picard

for this release:

In short: on the musicbrainz webpage, the cover art for “front” is apparently available and displayed. However, when opening this release in Picard, the cover art is not downloaded. When looking at the retrieved JSON in the debug messages, it seems that the cover art entry is lacking the “front” type (in fact is is not marked as any type).

curl -L



Can I do something to solve this inconsistency?

I know that I can probably work around this by temporarily allowing any cover art type for tagging this, but I am looking for a more permanent solution.

Give it another shot. The artwork it was pulling before was added in 2014 and may not have been indexed properly with CAA, from my understanding.

Just a note, this particular release has multiple covers. There’s the outer shell for all CDs, and then each individual disc had it’s own jewel case and cover. If you’re wanting Disc 1’s cover, you may need to add it manually in Picard.

Cool, it works now, thank you!

Yes, I am aware that every CD has its own cover, but I don’t think that Picard can assign the correct cover to each disk’s tracks, right? That would be great, but if it does not work, I am fine with all tracks having the same cover.

Yes, that’s right. Even though MusicBrainz lets you label an image as “track”, it doesn’t give you a way to map track art to specific tracks. And for album covers in a set, it doesn’t provide a way to associate covers labelled “front”, “back” etc. with specific media.