Another bug when using joined authors in the author field

I just added a combined author and it looked correct like this:

but when I submit the edition the result is this:

not nice :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is… pretty bad.

But for this kind of think it’s better to create a ticket directly, it’s so clearly a bug that needs to be fixed by the developers…

Maybe, but I’m not sure if this is just another part of the bug complex concerning the author field.
I just wanted to document this in case this happens to anyone else.

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Another example I noticed today

But perhaps worse is that the author credit is not editable, the Edit button is greyed out. So this isn’t just a cosmetic issue.

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Yes, this issue has been known for months. And if you then click on “no author” to make a correction in the author field, there are further bugs: data duplicates. That’s not very pleasant

Somehow I didn’t notice this before.This really is a very serious bug.