Another Alfred Scholz recording or genuine credits?

This recording appears on this release which has a link to discogs. The conductor referenced on discogs page, Pietro Di La Coronna, is an Alfred Scholz pseudonym. The reference to the orchestra is probably fake as well.
The recording under question shared AcoustID with this recording, where meta-info does not look like fake: the conductor is a real person not known to be (mis-)used by Scholz, the release provides the recording date (never done by Scholz).
I suspect that the recording is indeed by Paul Kletzki, but was later re-sold under a fake name by Scholz. Does it seem plausible?
If it is plausible, what is the right way to set performers? For a pure Alfred Scholz recordings the recommendation is to add all performers referenced in all Scholz releases, even if this means adding several conductors (all of them are fake). But if we have a set of real performers, shall Scholz pseudonyms be referenced as well?


Looks like it’s real:

Supraphon may know …

In any case, for releases, the entry in MB should reflect what is written on the release media.

I would have thought that the recording should have all the real performers, but the release will have those credited.
Oh, and there should be a clear annotation on the release that it is fake. Not on my PC at the moment, so can’t remember if there is a specific category for this or whether it has to be just a text annotation.

There is a special page (actually, 2 pages) in MusicBrainz wiki about how to deal with Alfred Scholz: and The first one is general information, the second is a non-complete list of pseudonyms used by Scholz.

In short, in most cases real performers are unknown. Scholz published the same recordings many times under different names, so there is no “canonical” fake name as well. According to the MusicBrainz wiki page, all pseudonyms used by Scholz shall be linked to a recording. This recommendation makes sense: it is impossible to choose one set of artists if there are several fake lists. Besides, attaching all attributions helps future editors to identify Scholz-affected recordings.

The case I referenced in the original message is slightly different: it looks like we are able to identify a real performer behind a Scholz recording.