"And Friends" as an artist

I have the CD by the artist, “Benjamin Luxon, Bill Crofut & Friends” http://musicbrainz.org/artist/5e509312-ac7b-4a7e-a772-cb8aebdff749. It seems pretty safe to say that this is not an actual group. Should this single artist be revised as separate artists, and if so, how should “& Friends” be treated? Should it be ignored, i.e list only the two gentlemen as artists? Should it use “Various Artists” with the artist as credited shown as “Friends”?

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you have a third choice :slight_smile:

You can use artist credits to separately credit Benjamin Luxon and Bill Crofut, and use a trailing join phrase to add “& Friends” at the end.

When creating an artist credit, notice that each artist field has a “join phrase” after the name (for “and” or “feat.” or whatever). Normally you’d ignore the join phrase for the last artist, but in this case you’d add “& Friends”.

That’s how I’d do it, anyway. Similar question asked here.

Note: I don’t know how “merge rather than delete” should be applied in this case. Choose one of the two artists at random?


I just had to enter one like that:

This is an entity that should never have existed. It’s therefore right to have it deleted. That is also what happens by default when you use the “split artists” shortcut.

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I have now entered a “split artist” edit: