Amp as instrument?

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Right now I don’t think we can specify which amp is used generally or which amp is plugged into which instrument in a recording. Should we make amp an “instrument”, if not, would it be desirable to do it?


I may be a bit depthless on that one, but can you really tell the difference between an ’80s JMC Marshall head and more modern one? Or between Fender Deluxe Reverb and Fender Bassman even?
The point I am trying to make here - do we need to go this deep here?
It is more of the in-depth sound-design analysis on each particular recording and not about release itself.
I personally think it is not necessary.


And moreover, you can imagine:
The next step will be tearing down the whole rig used during the recording (speaking of Tool it will already contain more information then all the musicbrainz db probably does now lol).
Then the studio, then geographical location of the studio (because of, you know, seismic trembling going on somewhere).
Then the mood in which bassist got up the day the recording process took place, level of vocalist being drunk :slight_smile:
Just kidding, but you get the point I guess.


Definitely interesting information.

statistical heaven


You know what they say - “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” :slight_smile:


There can be a difference in sound between amps so the 80’s version of the amp can potentially sound different from the modern version.
How would you know what amps are being used?
is it mentioned in the linear notes somewhere?
If it is a fact that cannot be known what is the point in recording it?


I would vote “no” on amps. The same as I would vote no for “Gibson” and “Fender” brands for guitars.
But, I would be willing to allow a “leslie speaker” instrument - to be used if and only if an album credit calls it that.


Yes, in my case I have this incredibly detailed liner note:


But does it have the factory caps or have they been swapped out for ELNA caps, or even SoZo caps?
Has the speaker grill been chrome or iridium plated? And how long was it cryo’ed for and what protocol was used to bring it back to room temperature?

One place some of this data can be entered is into the “credited as” field.


We already have the possibility of adding this information:


I can say with some reasonable certainty that “amp” isn’t going to be added as an instrument.
It’s maybe interesting equipment, sure, but it is not an instrument
if we ever allow for other things than instruments to be added to releases/recordings (say a entity type “gear”) then certainly amp would be a good inclusion.

As far as brand names goes, I’ve been adding these as aliases. I’ve even added a new alias type request: @Reosarevok ?


I am not a fan of having Wurlitzer and Hammond for organs, but I accept those because they are very distinct and are used for different purposes - sometimes you even have both being used at the same time because they are that different.

There are times when a brand becomes synonymous with unintended usage (Dobro, Leslie, Google, Jello), but we should not be using brands unless that is the case - in my opinion.

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