American Standard not found

Hello – I just got the James Taylor’s new cd “american standard” — I ripped it with eac and when I when to look up the metadata with MusicBrainz – it could not find the cd – but when I logged it I was able to find it, and in addition all the special version too — what did I miss?

Are you using Picard or some other tool? If you are using Picard, how exactly did you do the lookup? Did you search by disc ID, or did you use the Lookup button or the Scan button?

If you did try the disc lookup: There are no disc IDs yet for this release. But you can submit it from the disk lookup dialog in Picard.

Also you can always manually load any release from into Picard, either by dragging the URL into the Picard window or by copy and pasting it into the search field on the top right. You can also use the “Lookup in browser” button on the files, find the proper album on and import it into Picard using the green tagger button.


This seems similar to a problem I am having. I use EAC, and recently started using MusicBrainz. EAC usually finds the CD information from Picard (when I select the hexagonal button), but with the current CD, it is telling me, “MusicBrainz Database Request” - “No CD information found!”
However, when I chose “Lookup CD” in Picard, it finds the CD information. Why is EAC not finding it? How can I send the information from Picard to EAC, now that I have it?