Alternative rating system

I would like to find companions to create an alternative rating system. But I’m not a programmer or sponsor.
My needs for music rating remain unmet. There are conditions that are binding on me that are not supported.

  1. End-to-end rating system for tracks. Each track must receive an individual T-rating.
  2. A pass-through rating system for albums should be calculated based on T-ratings.
  3. For albums with the same rating, the rule applies - the priority of the earlier one:
    3.1. Date of release
    3.2. Alphabet.

Are you still looking at the 5-star rating system? It sounds like this would be more of a job for a player/library manager than a tagger. I believe MusicBee offers album ratings derived from track ratings (or there’s a plug-in that does).

For 1, are you hoping for this to be automated? It sounds like 3 could be handled with sorting in your library manager.

Thanks for answering.
This is a difficult communication, I do not know English and I use a translation program.
Also, I do not understand the slang (youth, programmers), which requires a separate dictionary.
I understand that there is practically no chance of a result.
But perhaps it will be a challenge, a task that will be interesting for someone to solve.

I used the RYM system for 10 years, but at first I stopped evaluating albums there, then most of the tracks. I also use the Windows Media Player rating.
Last year I created a table in which I can put the name of the artist and the album, the release date, the ratings of all the tracks on the album, their arithmetic mean in one line. This makes it possible to determine the rating of albums, including by dates. But such tables do not determine the rating of the tracks.
Probably, even my meager skills would be enough to create a universal Excel spreadsheet. But it’s so impractical.

By far the most ideal solution would be to place the rating options on the player.
I have few versions of why this is still done at such a primitive level.
The term tagger remained unclear for me.

I am not familiar with MusicBee, but I doubt this program is better than WMP in ratings.
But thanks for the hint, I plan to test this and chat with the developers.

It’s hard for me to say how it should look like. I have nothing to choose from. Testing required.
There is a simple task - to determine the best track of the two.
Further, the task becomes more difficult - to determine the best track from the releases of the week.
The ultimate goal is to identify the best track of all time.
The best track of all time cannot be rated less than or equal to any other, and so on.

I have an approximate algorithm in what form it could suit me personally.
Track scores must have two limits - 0 and 5 (worst and best track score).
To bring the calculations back to the traditional five-star system.
But the values after the decimal point should not be limited.
Let’s say that after evaluating the first album, there are several track ratings.
These marks are set in manual mode and can be any.
If there are the same among them, after entering they must change the values.
As a result, you should get a rating of the album tracks, in which there are no identical values.
The minimum step of values can be set by a formula.
Priority, as I already wrote, can have two levels: date, alphabet.
The second album can also contain the same ratings, including the first album.
Therefore, after entering, all the same estimates will have to change again according to the same formula.

An additional option at will, which would simplify the life of a music lover.
I’m not interested in picking the worst track of all time.
Therefore, I would prefer to rate only the best tracks.
Remove from circulation tracks whose ratings are equal or lower, for example - 2 (in my case).
Consider their value 2, but only when calculating the arithmetic mean for the album.

There is another category of tracks that are short duration.
Such tracks should be excluded from circulation and from album evaluation.

Do you want to use website to rate music?

Or are you looking for an application?

Or are you already using an application (which one?) that you would like to see improved?

An application could already do this. There are ratings per track, so a averaged album rating can be easily calculated from this.

Several days have passed since I checked in. Navigation is hard for me to figure out. I have come across the concepts of collection, playlist, but no ratings. I decided - this is a site for programmers (collectors).

First of all, I’m looking for a player / library that would allow me to: play music, rate, systematize ratings.
Secondly, I would like to share my ratings, transfer them automatically from my library to public resources.
At the moment, I do not know of a single player (resource) that would satisfy 10% of my wishes.
Therefore, even a regular program that will allow me to manually enter the data for each release (release day, estimate without restrictions) will suit me. Where at least the arithmetic mean for the album was calculated automatically.
So that in the future I can organize my ratings separately by releases (videos, tracks, albums), by dates (week, month, year, 10 years, all times).

I am not aware of the existence of separate rating programs.

I already wrote that I have used the RYM system for 10 years. Now I evaluate some tracks there only by inertia. Changes to this resource and my desires are in different directions.

I am very sorry that I learned about the existence of BEA late. This is now the best resource in my opinion for organizing album ratings. But this is not an end-to-end system. It is assumed that the best album of all time may be the worst of its year at the same time. So far, my wishes are being ignored.

If you know such an application, please share the link.

For over 10 years, I have manually calculated the arithmetic mean of albums to determine the list of the best albums of the year. There was a time when I thought it was easy, fun and absolutely enough. I was younger and didn’t know that first I had to learn how to make lists of the best tracks of the week.

Here’s the setting in MusicBee (auto-calculate album rating):



Thank you, this is interesting information.
I tried to install MusicBee, but something went wrong.
Then I remembered that I had also succumbed to rave reviews online a few years ago.
And I installed several options of audio players at the same time.
As a result, none of them even came close to comparing with WMP in terms of listing and ranking.
Plus, some settings got lost, and I lost my entire history of ratings on WMP.
It wasn’t necessarily directly related. But now this history of ratings has become even more important.
Therefore, I would not want to risk it simply out of curiosity.

But I registered on the MusicBee website.
I have read the information that is presented there.
I watched the introductory videos on YouTube. Perhaps I missed something.
But in the end, I did not find anything that could interest me.
The only thing I noticed in the negative for the WMP player is the rating step for the tracks.
If I understood correctly, MusicBee has this step half a star, and WMP has a whole star.
But, as I already wrote, this is not important, I need an unlimited rating scale.

WMP has an end-to-end album rating too. But it is too rough, rounding down to 0.25.
But most importantly, there are no options for setting the displayed rating.
He’s just the one and only one for all time and all releases (albums, tracks - all in a bunch).
However, my programs have not been updated for a long time. I lost hope and stopped following it.

After demonstrating MusicBee settings, my interest in this player returned.
If I understand correctly, you are a programmer (representative) of MusicBee.
I could not find a single picture of what the album rating looks like.
There are not so many settings, but this is already interesting. The options are not clear to me:

  • Exclude zero rated tracks.
  • Disable half ratings.
    How is the rating calculated?
    WMP’s album rating is not always the arithmetic average of the ratings given.
    I would be interested to read about it if it is on the developer’s site.

I’m not a programmer, just a forum mod for MusicBee. Steven is the sole programmer, so definitely any technical questions should be brought up at that forum.

But if .25 is not fine-grained enough for you, MusicBee might not do the trick either.


Finally I found my way. I went to the MusicBee forum and entered the keyword “album rating” in the search.
I am ashamed that I did not think to do this right away. It’s just that this topic has not been raised on the forum for a long time.
It turned out that many users were interested in ratings. I even stopped feeling like an outcast.))
I should prepare better. Perhaps I missed something in the scientific and technological progress.


For what is worth, I just use MusicBrainz website to rate my collection.

You will only lack the album average rating.
I could make a release page user script to show that, but you should not see it outside of release page.

As a child, I collected everything - stamps, badges, etc.
Now I collect high ratings of music releases.))

As far as I know, there is no such estimate anywhere, rounding to 0.25 does not count.))

The album:
Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters (17/IV-2020)
contained in:
1.270 chats on RYM
299 chats on BEA
??? chats on MusicBrainz

Sorry, but I didn’t understand what this is about.
I never saw what the list of the best releases of the year looks like on MusicBrainz.

I had several reasons why I didn’t support this topic anymore.
Today I had a reason to share the sequel through this link.

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