Alternative for tracking sites (Listnd, RYM, ...)

Listnd is rarely up, rym is an html page with 5 lines of code and a weak database, the other sites just allow you to rate drake and kid cudi.

So, is there any way to use musicbrainz or Listenbrainz as a tracking site with manual additions, ratings from 1 to 10, log dates and a general profile display of all your logs?


Heya! I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ‘logs’, but I think the answer is yes.

In Musicbrainz collections work well, for heaps of entity types:

A MB collection page shows ratings - if you have rated something in that list, your rating will show up as orange stars:

If you are more interested in writing reviews, CritiqueBrainz is the place for that:
But without the collection/categorizing aspect.

If you are after a more ’like songs as I listen and create playlists’ tool, more social than technical/detailed, then ListenBrainz will do that:


Great! I’ll use that. Thanks for the answer.
Is there any way, though, to rate out of 10 (2.5 stars or 5/10)?

MusicBrainz ratings are 0-100. ws/2 returns the rating as a floating point number scaled down to 0-5. If you want to rate something “5/10”, then in MusicBrainz it’s 50 out of 100.


You can only rate 1 to 5. What are you talking about?

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I’m talking about the MusicBrainz database. What you see in the MusicBrainz user interface is an obfuscation of what actually happens.


You can rate in percentage.
But it’s a hacky technique (that could be the purpose of a new userscript for easier use):

You can go to an entity, like Song “Giroflé, Girofla” - MusicBrainz and, there, you copy the URL of one of the stars:

You can now change the value of the rating parameter to any percentage value between 0 (no ratings) to 100 (maximum rating), 1 being the minimum rating.

Then navigate to this custom URL.