Already Tagged Album wrong Tag in few songs

I am new to the community. I have an album that when I try to import to picard seems that has already all the songs tagged except three and sho;ws another album different than mine with those 3 song with other titles. All song have the saved signed except those three that have the music note sign. The only thing that I can do with the songs is lookup with browser. When I lookup with browser I found that the acoustID tag matches to 2 different recording of the song with the different titles. How can I change in my mp3 file the tag to the right recording so that it can be saved?

If I understand you correctly, your situation looks something like this:

To have these files tagged as part of the release on the right, you need to assign the files on the left to the appropriate tracks on the right. This can be done by dragging the files from the left side and drop them on the appropriate track on the right side.

Once the files are properly assigned, you can save the album. This should write the new tags into the files associating them with this release.

If I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do, please let me know. Thanks.


Please see also the following post, which explains how you can search and load an album from MusicBrainz and tag your files.with it:

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Thank you for your speedy reply. Actually what happens to me is this
As you can see I have no Unmatched Files but I have two recognized albums. Those albums contain this:

As you can see from the pictures I have three files that don’t match the 1st Album. In the second album there are only 3 matched files. The only option given to me by the picard when right-click each of the files is search to the browser.
When I search them in the browser and go to Fingerprints I get this:

As you can see it’s the same AcoustID for both songs and I don’t know how to select the one that corresponds to my album so that I can tag the song with the proper tag.
So because of this when I import the album in kodi I get 2 albums instead of one, one with 24 songs and another with 3 songs and it’s bugging the hell out of me. So any help will be much apprecciated.

Thank you in advance for any help

You can just drag the files from one of the matched albums to another. You can even just drag the entire album with only 3 files matched to the other album and Picard should match all three files correctly.

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Yeah, I get that a lot. The MB database isn’t perfect. There are two steps here you need to perform.

  • First, drag each track out of the “wrong” album and add it to the new one.
  • Second, notice your [Submit Acoustic IDs] is now lit up. PRESS IT and you’ll submit these updated AcousticIDs to the MB database.

(Weird… where is the Submit Acoustic IDs button from your toolbar? Is it hidden behind that dotted menu next to your Lookup In Browser button?)

It is common for Extended \ Deluxe versions of albums to share many of the tracks of plain albums. So overlaps like this can be common. Sometimes I get two tracks in the “correct” album and a dozen tracks in the “wrong” album. A bit of a shuffle and all is well.

The bonus is that once you have submitted these updated AcousticIDs it will mean this album will be better identified next time.

On the screenshot it’s next to the “Save” button on the toolbar :wink:

Also wanted to note that the Submit AcoustIds button might light up, but only if the AcoustIds are not already submitted for the new tracks.

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Thank you very much for the help. It was so easy yet so difficult. Thanks again for the help

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Ah - the “submit” word is not very clear on those icons. I never guessed that was AcousticID.

I do realise it only lights up when there is new data to uploaded to fill in MB gaps, but the example here of partial \ patchy matching is often such a case of missing AcousticID data. Or at least it usually is what I am finding when working through my collection.

Another reason to consider switching to Picard 2.x :wink:

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I use Picard v1.4.2 and it has a perfectly verbose and very obvious Submit AcousticIDs button. :slight_smile:

I prefer this v1.4.2 icon as it looks audio releated instead of the odd swirly thumb you have in v2.x :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume that screenshot from @ovidius80 is from some skinned and tweaked edition. I know I am still stuck with white on my v1.4.2

And don’t worry… I’ll upgrade eventually, but as an ex-dev I won’t touch version 2.0 of anything. :grin: I’ll let everyone else test and then jump in at v2.1

Occasionally you may have 2 different versions of the same release and recordings and some recordings are matched to one and others are matched to the other.
In this case right click on the release with the handful of tracks.
Navigate to other versions and find the other release that it matched.
If you select the same release it will merge the two and move the recordings to thair correct position.