Allow ordering the "included in" RG-RG relationships [STYLE-847]

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I don’t edit many boxsets, so I want to see the opinions of people who do before I actually add this, but it’d seem to me that it’d make sense to allow users to order the release groups “included in” a boxset (STYLE-847). That way, if you have a 10 or 20 disc boxset, you could at least read the list of included RGs with some idea of which one would be, say, disc 10 of the boxset.

Would this be something that people who edit boxsets more often than I do would find useful, or is it just extra complexity for no good purpose?


IMO we should not order the relationships.
We should rather display them in chronological order of each release group date (which itself is actually determined by earliest release in group).

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I’m not sure this one makes sense, esp. on the release group level. OTOH, I also don’t care enough about this to block it. If some people find this information relevant and interesting, let them have at it.