All I want for Christmas is: "last 7 days" range

The new album cover visualisers were all I needed to get the last of my web site’s widgets migrated from to ListenBrainz.

The one thing I wish I had was a “last 7 days” range, or any last # days range, really. This was how I had everything set when pulling data. The ListenBrainz “this week” and “last week” views are not completely satisfying to me, last week because it’s not dynamic, showing the same thing for a week at a time; and this week because the first couple of days per calendar week are based just on a day or two of listens.



I think in the past we’ve struggled with defining these time ranges to be user-centric – and clearly we’ve not done a good job.

Have you entered a ticket for this issue in our bug tracker?

If you could explain how you would like to see ranges (please feel free to comment on all the ranges, not just the short term ones) work, please let us know. This could be very useful feedback to us.