All files are saved instead of just the one album i select when Picard was still busy clustering

I love Picard, it’s a lifesaver.
A long long time ago, I ripped all my discs and bootlegs, used and filled up CDDB and freedb with all details, but somewhere along some rogue app, I think it was ‘tuneup’ messed up all tags, linked the wrong stuff, etc…
I set out to clean all 27.000+ tracks and Picard does a great job for the most part, and I have a lot of stuff that’s not in musicbrainz yet that I will input, after I cleaned all I can.
I have about 8000 files left to ‘clean’, and I load them all up in Picard to try and match them to albums.
a lot are wrongly tagged and thus wrongly clustered.
What I tend to do is search for a match for a cluster (or even a song), and once I find a matching album and it is not filled completely, I move all the clusters back to unclustered to easily find the correct title/artist that should be linked to the album on the right.
If the album is full, or I can’t find any more matching tracks, I put the unclustered back to clusters, and save the album as is.
If Picard is still clustering when I rightclick on the album on the right and choose ‘save’… nothing seems to happen, but in the background it is saving ALL the files/clusters from the left column… messing up my new location with only ‘clean’ albums with uncorrected albums.
Thankfully, I can copy them all back, and start again, but at 8000+ files, it takes a while to copy back and load them all in Picard again.

This is on Windows 10. The ‘dirty’ tracks are on a local drive, the save location is on a NAS.

At first I thought I mistakenly selected the wrong thing, but after this happening 3 times now, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug?

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Just to clarify, when Picard is in the process of clustering files in the left panel, clicking save will save all those files as well?

Sounds dangerous! I’ll link this to the devs in IRC :ok_hand:

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Yes, that is what I experienced 3 times now.
I think it’s only a problem if you have a lot of files, as clustering happens pretty quick otherwise.
Thanks for linking to the devs so they can check if it really is a bug.

I can’t reproduce this and I can’t really see how this can happen. Can you explain in more detail what steps you are doing exactly?

What I did:

  1. Loaded ~4.4k files, moved them to unclustered except for one album where I left the files on the album on the right (so I have something to save)
  2. Once all files had been under “unclustered” I hit “Cluster”
  3. While clustering is running (takes around 3 seconds for me) I select the album on the right and hit Ctrl+S to save it

Result: The files on the right get saved immediately while clustering is still running.

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Ok, found something. In my case I had already selected the album to save when I hit clustering (so I could perform the action quickly before clustering ends). But Picard currently ignores selection changes while clustering. So if you had selected something else when you hit “Cluster” and you do press save during clustering whatever you had selected at the time you hit “Cluster” gets this action.

I filed [PICARD-2611] During clustering selection changes are ignored, can lead to users performing actions on unexpected files - MetaBrainz JIRA

Please report bugs like this directly on the issue tracker in the future. It’s less likely to get lost this way Forum discussions quickly get out-of-focus (not in this case, but can happen).


This is not exactly what happened, but close, I had an album selected on the right, then I select ‘unclustered’ and drag it to clusters, or vica verse, and then rightclick on the album already selected on the right to save.
I couldn’t find where to file an issue, maybe I should have searched a bit better, but now I now where it is :slight_smile:
I’ll add this info on the tracker.


The issue has been found and fixed, this will be in the next release. Thanks a lot for reporting it.


great turnaround between reporting and fix :slight_smile:
gives me a lot of faith in the app, service and team.