Aliases of Works and translations

Im currently adding some novellas and short stories by Gogol and came across the following:
According to MusicBrainz Guidelines a Alias is used for:

Aliases are used to localize an entity’s main name into a different language, especially into a different script (e.g. the Russian name Чайковский is known in English as “Tchaikovsky” and in German “Tschaikowski”).

… so i added the English and German title as an Alias for Gogols Work (with russian titles). It becomes searchable under the name this way, but the English/German name does not show up in search.
Now, i add the German translation as a work and i have too fill the disambiguation field because of the Alias.

  • What to fill in here? something like “German translation of (Original Works Name)”
  • what about the “original Name” of a work in general? I saw Homer’s name written in Greek, but his works in English transliteration. I remember, we had extensive discussions on this subject at bookogs…
  • Looking at translations as works makes sense. But should i always provide the authors name when it comes to translations? Or editions of translations? I think it would save time if this could be inherited by the source of the translation

This has been discussed here:

Aliases should only been used for name variants and transliterations from languages with different scripts (Kyrillic, Hebrew) or signs (Chinese etc) to latin.
We don’t use them for translations into other languages because we create works for translations.