AlbumArtist Extension plugin, what does "Tagger scripts are required" mean?

My gratitude to Bob Swift @rdswift for the AlbumArtist Extension plugin . I am changing the structure of my music directory tree, and the metadata variable _aaeSortPrimaryAlbumArtist gives me what I want for my top level.

But I have a question. In the instructions for version 0.6, there is a note:

PLEASE NOTE: Tagger scripts are required to make use of these hidden variables.

What does that mean? I interpret “Tagger scripts” to mean the Picard preference dialogue, “Scripting”, as described in the Scripting options documentation. There is a checkbox, “Enable Tagger Scripts?”, and below it a large empty box.

Thus, the instruction, “Tagger scripts are required to make use of these hidden variables.”, seems to be saying that I need to check that “Enable Tagger Scripts?” checkbox, and enter something in the box below.

But reading the code, it looks like the AlbumArtist Extension plugin is what Picard calls a “metadata processor”. It calls register_album_metadata_processor() at line 103. The Picard docs say,

These are what you might call “automatic” because they operate without any user intervention.

So, I guess I do not understand what that “Tagger scripts are required” sentence is trying to say. If I were going to fill in a sentence there, I would say, “These variables are usable in your file naming scripts as soon as the plugin is installed.”

What am I missing?

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Good question. It’s obviously not clear. It means that the new tags will not be saved to the output file unless a tagger script is used to apply them to tags (not beginning with an underscore).

Also, this plugin is no longer being maintained and has been replaced by the Additional Artists Variables plugin, which includes additional variables. Unfortunately the names of the variables has changed, so you will need to update your scripts.


Thank you for the explanation. I imagine it will be straightforward for me to switch to the Additional Artists Variables plugin.

Would you mind if I made a Pull Request changing the documentation of the AlbumArtist Extension plugin, rewording that phrase, and declaring the plugin as unmaintained, and referring people to the Additional Artists Variables plugin?


I don’t mind at all. In fact it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Here is a branch with updated documentation: Comparing metabrainz:2.0...JDLH:AlbumArtist_extension_better_description_0.6.1 · metabrainz/picard-plugins · GitHub .

All the code is unchanged. I increased the version number to 0.6.1. It opens in my copy of Picard, but I have not yet tagged files using it. Once I have done that, I am ready to turn this branch into a Pull Request.

@rdswift, if you don’t mind taking a look at this modified description, I would be grateful for your approval of the change.


Looks fine to me. Thanks.


Pull Request #334 Clarify description of AlbumArtist Extension submitted.

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