Albumartist and albumartistsort as multi‐value tags

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I’m looking for a way to make the albumartist and albumartistsort fields a multi‐values tag and to get rid of the join phrase, so, for example, for albumartist go from “Revueltas, Chávez, Moncayo; Orquesta Filarmónica de la Ciudad de México, Luis Herrera de la Fuente” to

  • Silvestre Revueltas
  • Carlos Chávez
  • José Pablo Moncayo
  • Orquesta Filarmónica de la Ciudad de México
  • Luis Herrera de la Fuente

and ditto for the albumartistsort field.

Is there a way to read those values with the script tool in Picard, or is it necessary to write a plugin?, and, in the second case, would someone help me with that plugin, if it’s not too complicated?


What we have done in SongKong/Jaikoz is add an albumartists and albumartistssort field for this purpose, I wonder if Picard might do the same.


I have wondered why, if Picard is an album-centric tagger, they do this for individual tracks and not for album artists.

Maybe a ticket suggesting this will be more successful.


There is, in fact, already a ticket!:

And quoting @Mineo from the ticket:

Since Picard 1.3 the tag _albuamrtists is available. By default, this is not written to files, but if you add $setmulti(albumartists,%_albumartists%) to your tagger script, it will be (you could use other names instead of albumartists if you wanted to). This will create multiple tags for files that support it (basically everything except ID3, ASF, MP4, WAV).

Edit: @samj1912 just made a PR for PICARD-700 :raised_hands::


I would hope you are aware of the picard/jaikoz tag mapping spreadsheet

The artists concept was taken from Jaikoz and Jaikoz already supports the albumartists field so I would hope you would map albumartists to these audio formats in the same way, these mappings are also defined in opensrc jaudiotagger project which is used by a number of applications (not just Jaikoz/SongKong) especially alot of Android applications.

Note for these new fields I have tried to use the exact same name for each format rather than varying it, this is to ensure better preservation of the fields because when transcoding files with tools like DBPoweramp for metadata fields it doesnt explicitly know about it would have same name in old and new format.

For example given a ID3 TXXX frame with description ABCDEF, if converting to .WMA it would create a field called ABCDEF not ‘WM/ABCDEF’ so that is why I map TXXX:ALBUMARTISTS to ALBUMARTISTS rather than WM/ABUMARTISTS. This way after converting such a file with dbpoweramp these new fields would still be recognised by applicatins that understood them, something that is not the case unfortunately with MusicBrainz Identifier fields,


Thanks! I dind’t see this in the documentation. It would be nice to have something like this for album artist sort, but this is great news.