Album Preview Tracks - Include in track list?

TLDR: Should digital versions of albums include album preview tracks in musicbrainz?

Again, apologies if covering old ground here but my searches didn’t uncover anything similar…

Certain record labels (looking at you deep elm records) sometimes have album preview tracks at the end of digital copies of the albums (example Release “The End of the Ring Wars” by The Appleseed Cast - MusicBrainz)

I personally feel like these probably should not be listed in the tracklist on musicbrainz, but quite a few of my albums flag as incomplete on picard due to me not keeping these preview tracks

Is it acceptable to not add these preview tracks in musicbrainz database, and is it acceptable to remove them if they do already exist?


Are these previews of other albums?

Sounds to me just like a shop who chucks in a preview tape into your bag at the checkout. i.e. not part of the item you actually purchased. Just extra items that are elsewhere on the shop shelf.

The Artist didn’t add these to their release. It is just a modification at the checkout. So I’d say “no”

I just looked at your link and see it is to Bandcamp, and as the item is listed by an “Artist” it seems to be part of the release. So my answer makes less sense and I’ll leave this to a Bandcamp expert.

If this is the only way the album comes, then it looks like it is part of the album. Bit of a mess really (and I’d just ignore Picard and delete it from my copy anyway. Picard is only a guide…)


They are songs from the album combined into a preview track so it is music from the existing album - they are listed as a track of the album in bandcamp, and it is part of the same purchase, but they are not part of the original album.

In the linked above example there are only 12 real tracks on the album, but track 13 is previews from the album (here it is on bandcamp The End Of The Ring Wars | The Appleseed Cast | Deep Elm Records)

Having looked at the edit history it seems this album was added using a script/scraper so nobody thought to exclude the preview

Ha, yes it is a bit of a mess!!

I would add a disambig to these. There must be some snappy phrase that can be made up to show these (includes preview advert of the thing you just listened to)

I can see that a completest may want to hear these tracks. Just seems odd placement to have it on the end of the Release.

The more I think, the more I realise this is the home for them. It is how this copy was sold.

If it was me, I’d be manually hacking my tags on these albums. Likely chuck all the previews into their own little collection folder instead. I guess it is like buying a DVD of a film and they include the trailers as extras.


I typically include them in the album personally. when I do add such a release, I’ll try to find a release without the preview track for the taggers who don’t keep the preview track tho~

adding a couple more examples, Ponies at Dawn and A State of Sugar also typically do this as well


thanks all, some good thoughts

The preview is definitely part of this ‘release’ and should not be removed.

It is annoying that Picard will show you it as incomplete, but there’s no way around it at the moment I don’t think :thinking:

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