Album not found in Music Brainz Picard

I am running the latest version of Music Brainz Picard. I am trying to import an album which MusicBrainz cannot find (or at least I can’t find it on Music Brainz).

Album name: Music For String Quartet

What should I do and how to proceed? Should I add the album to the MB-database? Add it without Music brainz handling? Or maybe I am searching wrong? Please help me out.


I can’t find it either, I would definitely add it :slight_smile:
If you’re tagging a pretty big collection you’ll probably have to add the occasional release.

The Amazon page has images of the back cover so you should have all the info you need! Feel free to ask here if you have any questions. This is a good starting point too:


Thank for the info. Good to know the release was actually missing. I have now added my first release to Music Brainz :slight_smile:


You should probably look at the Classical Style Guide as there are guidelines around what exactly belongs in a release title or release artist field. I’m not enough of a classical expert to attempt to critique your work myself.