Album name change BUG

Modifying the %album% tag causes some kind of loop error causing the appended text to be repeated for each track, often until the character length limit is hit in file naming. In my setup, it even affects the documented %_releasecomment% change.

For more of a discussion, please see my original post.

If you need anymore info, please let me know.

My setup:
Picard 2.8.1 (may have occurred in 2.7.3, but not in 2.7.1)
Windows 10 x64
AMD Ryzen 5800 on ASRock 570x Taichi
FLAC files to be tagged are accessed from my file server. Error occurs whether I use a mapped drive or an IP address.


Thanks for this, but I actually meant for you to enter a ticket for this on the ticket tracker. That way it can be tracked and won’t get lost.

Sorry, I’m such a noob! lol

No noob takes the time to follow up with bug reports! Just complaints…
I hereby promote you to ‘newb’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: