Album edition: Can this ever go in the Album Title?

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Say I have an album, Norma Jean’s O God, The Aftermath. This album has 2 versions: The standard release, and the Deluxe Edition. These are different albums in physical release, tracking listing, etc. Many online retailers call the title of the Deluxe Edition “O God, The Aftermath (Deluxe Edition)”. For those who have both of these albums in their collections, tagging them can be tricky in Picard, as they put them both in the same folder.

Is there every a time that the edition of the album is part of the Album Title? What about Remasters, Reissues, etc.?

Usually “deluxe edition” would be put in the disambiguation comment.

That’s what I’ve noticed, and what I’ve done when adding releases. Any tips for how to get Picard to separate the 2 albums?

I use a custom tag I call %usereleasecomment%. When that tag is set, my script inserts the disambiguation comment into the folder name, so the two releases end up in different folders.

You can see the details here:


This is great! Thank you for the tip!

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