Album doesnt show in left window only in the right window?

when I drag the folder to the top left window the album never appears in the either folder (so both clustered and unclustered folders show (0). however in the top right window the album (its name) shows as a single track and it offers a button to expand down. when i click this the tracks are visible.

this happens only with 2 albums which interestingly both of these albums have difficulty filing in the correct place in my plex library. this sounds like an error in how they are on the musicbrainz website what do other people think?

any ideas??

I’m sorry, but I don’t follow. Can you maybe show a screenshot of what you have?

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The album goes directly to the right panel if the release is known to Picard. The files are already tagged. If you want to have them back on the left, you have to pick the release (the first line) on the right and drag it to “Cluster”.
But if especially these files cause problems with your plex library, you should probably look for another app to tag your files.


To expand on @ernstlx’s reply, look at the tags in those files and you’ll see MusicBrainz IDs (MBIDs) already in them.


This is why they jump to the right as Picard IDs them on loading. No need for the lookup step.

What sometimes happens with programs like Plex and Kodi is they can get confused between the MBIDs and other tags if there has been some inconsistent editing. It could be that someone manually changed the artist names in a different tagger, but didn’t update the MBIDs to match.

Best option is to just hit SAVE on the album once identified with Picard. Then rescan it in Plex and it should be fine.