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I am trying to figure out what I need to do to get the album credits for a release. By this, I mean what the members of the group are, what they played, who wrote the track, etc. I am unable to figure this out with Musicbrainz. I am looking to do something similar to the following link: where I can see who wrote the tracks, who are the performers, engineers, etc.

In my queries on this release such as, i get the info for a track, but I am not able to get any more details.

If I go to a recording such as, I get the following json: {“disambiguation”:"",“video”:false,“length”:355400,“title”:“Dance on a Volcano”,“id”:“19bddd86-ba35-4b43-824c-3d2e58c8df7e”}

I have played with the queries as best as I can with the developers information, but cannot get anywhere.


You need to include more things you want returned ie include more things to the inc=
For instruments you need instrument-rels, for work credits you need work-rels
For example the following will have who played what instrument as well as writing credits.

See the documentation:

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Thanks for the help. I was able to get what I was looking for:

The documentation is a little lax on what the relationships will do. Your example led me to that I was trying to get. to.