Album Artwork not showing

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I converted my 600 CD collection to FLAC. Album Artwork is not showing in Windows 10 Explorer. It does show in Media Player and Groove when playing a song or selecting an album; and in my Pioneer flac player, but only when a song is playing (not when I’m scrolling through the file folders). I ran a few tests with MusicBrainz, accepted the new files, but still no artwork is showing. So, just wondering if MusicBrainz can be used to update files so artwork will show?

What software did you use before to embed the artwork into the files? I don’t know exactly how Windows behaves with embedded artwork in FLAC files, but I know has troubles in general reading metadata from FLAC if it is too large. So maybe the artwork is too large and needs to be sized down.

To use MusicBrainz Picard for the artwork, you need to enable writing cover art to tags in Options > Cover Art. You also need to enable a cover art source. Choose Cover Art Archive to use the cover art you see on the MusicBrainz website. You can also manually add artwork to files by dragging and dropping it onto the artwork view on the lower right.