Album Art Plugin?

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Im trying MusicBrainz for the first time and not having luck with finding the Album Art. Documentation points to a plugin required for this function, but I can’t find the plugin.

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you do not need a plugins to get album art it will download from musicbrains. tho there plugins that will look for album art on other sites like amazon. if you go into settings there is some settings for album art and there is plugins in there too that you can download and use. if your have any trouble with finding the settings for album art or the plugins for album art post back here and someone will be able to help. if you have a question about something eles not to do with album art make a new post


Do you use the MusicBrainz Webseite “” in a Browser or do you use the software Picard on your own computer?

Which Album Art are you looking for? Could you give us an example?

In Picard you can choose which Cover Art Provider you want to use in Options -> Options -> Cover Art