AIBrainz playlist generator (beta)

Woo, new LB update today!!

Goes a bit over my head, so I’ll let the blog post do the heavy lifting:

MetaBrainz as an organisation has never much dabbled in (artificial) intelligence, but a number of recent factors have led to the team doing some exciting behind-the-scenes work over the last few months.

Lately more and more potential contributors have come to MeB interested in working on AI projects, and with ListenBrainz we have an excellent dataset. With a current focus on playtesting and finetuning our playlist features we also have the perfect use-case.

So, without further ado, we invite you to test the beta version of our new AI-powered playlist generator:

AI Brainz Playlist Generator (beta)

Unlike most ListenBrainz tools, you do not need an LB account to test this feature .

No login required for this particular tool, so feel free to share far and wide!

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I’ve just given it a quick try and it seems to work better than expected!! Amazing work! I’ll send you some improvement ideas by carrier pigeon as soon as I’ve tested it some more :+1:


This sounds very inviting!

“I give my permission for AIBrainz to scan all my apps and devices…”
This sounds more like an April Fool’s Day Prank.

No - this much I don’t need any playlist.

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Yours is not an unexpected reaction, from our existing MeB users, and all the more power to you for it tbh :grin::+1:

All LB code is 100% transparent and I trust the devs when they say it keeps no data and doesn’t touch anything it doesn’t need. But I’ve never been a big data security guy myself /hides

I’m really proud of the team for the quick work done on this front! The playlists are so much fun!


Excellent. The first entry in the list immediately hit the spot. Nice work, team!


Finally. I knew you guys would never let me down.


I got rickrolled😂

But every time click on the generate button, I get this same song.


Hey @vchn-mkr!

Sorry to disappoint you, but this was an April fools joke from MeB this year - the AI that we trained strongly believes everyone should listen to Rick, and Rick only, and can’t be convinced otherwise :heart: :grin:

We have hidden the link to this prank from the ‘Explore’ page, but left the URL/page up so you can keep rick-rolling your friends.


You got me.