Adding unknown albums to musicBrainz with Picard?

Hi, newbie here.

I have a large collection of indie Canadian hip-hop CDs from late 90s to 2012. I plan on ripping them to my computer. Many do not exist in MusicBrainz and I’d like to add them.

If I have the CD and all the mp3s already tagged, is there an easy way to submit it from Picard? I’d prefer to not have to re-type all the info into the musicbrainz website.

I reviewed how to contribute and added the “Add cluster as release” plugin into Picard, but with the tagged mp3s in Picard, I don’t see an option to add the cluster as a release. What am I missing? Is there a step-by-step guide for something like this?


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In order to use Add Cluster as Release, you have to have a cluster. Once your mp3s are in Picard, hit cluster and they should appear by album in the bottom part of the left panel. Right click on one of the clusters (albums, basically) and you should find a plugin entry for Add Cluster as Release.


I think you have to right-click on the cluster, and the option comes us in the context menu.

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Wow. Am I ever blind (and embarrassed).

When I right-click, it does show “Plugin”, which then leads to “Add cluster as release”. Thank you.