Adding to a Release Group and copying track metadata

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I have a CD that (I believe) belongs in this release group (it is a CD pressing of the same recording as the SACD), but when I try to add it, it looks as though all of the individual track attributes (i.e., conductor, orchestra, producer, etc.) are not being copied over. I would like to have all of this data available to the new format without copying it over by hand.

Am I missing a magic button/trick/feature that can do this?

Thank You.


When adding the new release, make sure to select the existing release in “Release Duplicates” to base it on (and to change the format). All the info you mention is at the recording level, so if you reuse the recordings (which the “release duplicates” process does) you shouldn’t need to re-enter anything else.

That is definitely the best option, but if you do have something that doesn’t work as a duplicate (a new “Best Of” compilation or something), you can also go through everything on the “Recordings” tab when you’re first creating it, and select them there. Unless you’re creating something you know is completely new, you’ll probably not want to just skip through that – like, unfortunately, many people do.

IMO, unless you’re completely sure it’s the same, you should just skip through that, especially as a newish user - it’s easier to merge later (especially if you’re adding acoustids and the like) than to undo the use of a wrongly selected recording.


Good point. That advice was coming from getting tired of seeing twenty recordings of the same song in the list without any meaningful disambiguation, and from knowing that “cleanup” (rightly or wrongly) is often just looking at the track lengths and merging the ones without any “Live” designation anyway, but you are right in saying that that’s not ideal. Sorry!