Adding relationships to 100-track release (and a couple of other questions)

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I’ve just added a 100-track release and need to now add relationships (musicians, orchestras, conductors). I have these in a text file.

Is there a convenient way to import these into MB? I don’t have the appetite to edit all 100 tracks and manually add 3+ relationships by hand. It’s also error prone.

Also, is there a way to automatically copy relationships to recording credits? (I’ve yet to try the script: Replace recording artists from a Release page - maybe that will do it).

And finally, is there a way for MB to automatically search tracks for existing recordings (based on similarity of name, duration and relationships)? Many of the tracks I’ve recently added are already in MB as recordings.


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This userscript might be what you’re looking for:

Guess related works in batch

Can you link to the release?

This won’t help, that script replaces the recording artist field (from existing relationships) and does not add relationships.

If the release was already created with new recordings, linking the tracks to existing recordings is going to leave the new recordings as “orphan”.
The best is probably to try to merge the recordings (that will fill the relationships automatically). The mass-merge recordings script from @jesus2099 is still useful for that since you can repeat the same edit note easily and it also stores more info in the edit note.

Don’t forget to add the tracklist on the cover art archive if you can so that other people can help and check.


And if in the future you have other classical compilations to add, it’s better to link directly your tracks to existing recordings when you create the release (in the “Recordings” tab). Don’t create your 100 tracks in the tracklist in one go, just add 10 tracks, link to the right recordings, save and repeat.
Usually for something like that I would open the relevant Work page in another window and look if the right performer/duration/date exists, and copy the URL of the recording to the release editor.