Adding only the year from Original Release Year to Date

I’m pretty new to MB Picard, but it’s already made re-organizing my music collection very convenient. However, I just noticed that whenever Picard pulls metadata from MB, the Date tag changes to the release year of the specific version of the release, but I want it to be the same year as the original release date of the album.

I already have a script running that avoids librarian sorting for artists that I found from this post:

I was wondering if there was any sort of similar script I can run to achieve this? I tried making one myself but I don’t know anything about scripting so I gave up.

I’m confused, because you already have the script that should make this happen:


Or do you want just the year part? In this case do:


And the safer way is to fallback to date if originaldate is not available:


The 3rd command seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, except I get this message whenever I put it in the script:

I believe @outsidecontext has missed the second parameter num of $left :wink:


These work perfectly, thank you!

Thanks for fixing this. I updated my post above to show the correct scripts