Adding new tags to MP3 files


I’ve downloaded this software but I’m really struggling with using it -

It’s been years and years since I’ve changed the tags on MP3 files - I used to have a bit of software where I could literally drag and drop the files, and then from within the software I can easily (manually) write the new album name, year date, artist etc - after clicking save and it would automatically update the respective file.

With musicbrainz it’s telling me to create clusters and find albums from the internet and I’m just lost with it all - have I got the right software here for what I want to do or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Yes, but I suggest to start reading this:


It depends. Picard is really built around the idea that it can download you the metadata for your files from MusicBrainz. For this it provides you the tools to search and match your files to entries on MusicBrainz, and to automate how you want to get your tags written and files renamed using scripts and plugins.

But of course you can also edit the tags manually if that’s all you want to do. You can drag and drop your files into Picard, click on a file and edit the tags in the metadata box manually. Then save. Just make sure you have “Save tags to files” enabled in the Options menu. And unless you want it and have configured it to your liking leave “move files” and “rename files” disabled.

However, if your are only doing manual tag editing you miss out of much what Picard has to offer and also I think for pure manual editing other tagging software might be even better suited.


Thanks - I have an older version of Picard as my mac is 10.11.6 -

I selected the option of ‘rename files’ and it looks like the original mp3 file has now gone and is replaced with a text file

Thank you - I don’t really know what I’m looking for within that - it’s a flood of information that goes over my head! Must surely be a simple, 2-step method for achieving what I want

If anyone can help with this I’d really appreciate it - or if anyone can recommend a really basic, idiot-proof tool (that’s free) I’d be equally appreciative - wasted almost an entire afternoon trying to figure this out :frowning:

iTunes will do that on mac osx and it comes with osx

What exactly can I help with?

Picard should only take a few steps:

  1. Drag album into Picard
  2. Hit cluster
  3. Hit lookup
  4. Hit save

Assuming you don’t care about details of precise release editions etc.

Picard doesn’t remove any files or create text files so you probably have ‘move files when saving’ ticked in options > file naming. Your can see the directory they will have been moved to in that panel as well.

Here’s a quick gif of the steps:

Some albums wont find a match this easy but you can leave those for later, this should do a big chunk very quickly.

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In addition the @aerozol 's 4-step-GIF - the steps explained here - I strongly suggest to add this step BEFORE you press “Save”.
Otherwise “assuming you don’t care about details” could end badly. :wink:


Ah yes, I also forgot my caveat:

Do it on a backup of your music files first.

See how it goes :slight_smile: